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Constantly making stuff. Passionate about recycling, respecting nature and using resources wisely.

Monday, November 06, 2006

a scarf for a soldier...


This scarf will be sent to a soldier in Iraq. Made from homespun, navajo-plied 'beast-top' purchased last year at a local fiber show.
I do not support this war. I think this war is stupid, based on greed. I wish this war was over and all our young men and women could come home. I hope this scarf sends a message to one of them, that they are loved, appreciated and cared for despite the dirty and dangerous work they do.

... and a scarf for me

"Autumn Breezes"
made from homespun dyed mohair locks and a very fine merino yarn. Knit on size 11 needles in garter stitch. Can be worn stretched lenghthwise as a scarf or widthwise as a shawl. Soft and cuddly.. just right to ward off chills from an autumn breeze.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A good place to begin

These mittens are for Emma. Emma is a little girl I met at a birthday party. Luke, the birthday boy, insisted that his 4th birthday must be celebrated in the evening, so his best friend Emma could attend. Emma has a rare genetic disease that prevents her from being exposed to the sun. If she is exposed, she will develop skin cancer. Every part of her skin must be protected if she is outside while the sun is up.

Emmas mittens are knit from leftover sock yarn in colors she chose.

Not the first thing I have knit. Nor the last, by far. Not one of my most creative or innovative designs. Just a simple pair of mittens for a little girl named Emma whose tiny hands must be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

A good place to begin.